Day 15 – Your dreams

I dream about GACKT, and Eskil…

I dream about a world without pain, I dream about waking up without that pain, living through a whole day without pain, I dream about remembering how that day feels, because I wasn’t born with it, ne? There have been days without pain, I know it. But I can’t remember. All that’s left is this freakin’ nightmare.

I dream about being so powerful that I could take care of everyone that needs it.. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But it somehow kills me to see my beautiful friends fall apart knowing it’s nothing I can do for them, that it’s something they have to deal with by themselves. And I shouldn’t even mention all the suffering in the world, because I haven’t even done anything to help. I’m weak. Can barely take care of myself.

I dream about knowing  what to do with my life, and to get away from this confusion.

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