I det blå, förvirrad och allmänt knasig som vanligt

Talking to the moon, try to get to you

in hopes you’re on the other side, talking to me too

or am I a fool who sits alone, talking to the moon?

I’m being mindfucked by you, even though I’m not sure how, or why, or even if it bothers me or not. I can feel already that I would have no problem whatsoever to spend my whole day just thinking of you, remembering what you said and try to figure out what you were thinking when you said something, smiled, or took a picture of me.

Yeah… What can I say? I just, I wonder what I will think about this in the future when I look back! Ahaha, you can’t take things so seriously…^^ Folks, don’t get worried, I’m just being silly old me as usual, doing weird stuff whenever I get a chance xD  ALALALALA ~



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