”Problems that occur like this are like an illness in the body.
Of course, there’s nothing better than going on being healthy without a single illness.
But it’s rare for something that convenient to happen.
At every opportunity, something breaks down,
joints start to hurt,
and you can feel your body becoming sluggish and wearing down.

What’s important is to not dwell on each and every one of them,
and go on living with that illness, though you should solve it if you can.
I suppose it’s that going on living with it is what’s necessary.
Not rejecting it, but coexisting.”

”I’m always just screwing around,
but I want to be the kind of man who can always go on doing screwy things like this. Ahahaha.
I’m not interested in being straight laced,
and I’m not interested in being just irresponsible either.
I guess I’ve been saying lately that a good man is one who can always go on singing and dancing.
For that, you need the greatest friends.
I have lots of wonderful friends around me.
Of course, they piss me off a lot, but it’s because they’re around
that I can do even tough things with a smile.”

”If you can laugh, if you can smile,
the tiredness of your heart, and the desire to fight will disappear.
Everyone smile.

Well, I guess I’ll go do my best. ”

Yes, I’ll do my best, too, Gackan! Thank you ♥


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