How do I want to live? How do you want to live?

Living has become too much of a conceptualized term. Eat ecological food. Dress properly. Stick within the cultural frames. Get a career! Where in all this do all the important questions get to be answered? Understanding why we smile or a spontaneous burst of energy leading to dance or tears. On a somewhat considered trivial wonder and daydream when on the way to work? Why are emotions being taken into consideration as rarely as we get to hear positive stories on the news in our society?

We like to say that we live in a free society but all of us know the model of treatment thrown in our face if we react to conditioning. A lesson in moral saying something like: ”When I was your age, we all had to work hard and do this and that!”, immediately jamming the natural evolution of a person who is not so confident. Where and when are we to be allowed to really explore the value in being a human being? My own understanding is that it is a journey which you have to fund yourself. There’s not many people who really want to clap your shoulder and say: ”Go on a discovery through your own body, mind and spirit!” as they probably never tried themselves or only started but never went the whole way.

The responsibility is ours to find what song our heart wants to sing. There are guides who can point you to a path but following someone else’s path is a deviation from your own composition. Follow the small clues. That which makes you giggle when you’re alone. Your daydreams. Your intuition. Your very own emotional compass which takes you on a journey free from cultural and biassed notions.

Our lives can be a result of ingenious artwork or a lobbyist’s file. The choice lies in our own hands and how far we dare to deviate from the opinions of the masses.

Zdravko Stefanovic


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