Hur kan man sakna något man aldrig haft?

He did warn me, after all. Still so, I feel unprepared with this pain hitting me.

”If you’re wanting me to fall for you, that’ll never happen. I’m too emotionally involved with my ex for that.”

And then, later today, I mean yesterday, has it already been a day? Will time pass no matter what, slowly making this less and less important? I’m not ready to move on.. To be honest I think I was never ready for this man to enter my life anyway. So much pain, so many tears, the bad moments outweighing the good ones.

I could see in his eyes how uncomfortable he felt around me. Not showing any kind of romantic affection.

I thought it was okay as long the past was in the past. As long as we was still here, with me. Men nu är han inte det, inte längre, han är med henne. Och nu har de börjat bygga på något igen.

Åh gud, det var dödsdömt från början. Jag vill bara hem…



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